May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries, may the breeze blow new strength into your being, may you walk gently through the world and know it’s beauty all the days of your life.

— Apache blessing (via widewhitestairs)


Detail of a bas-relief from the Temple of Nabu, the Babylonian god of wisdom and writing, in Khorsabad (Dur-Sharrukin), the capital city of the Assyrian Empire. The Oriental Institute Museum at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.   
Photo by Babylon Chronicle

You will either step forward into growth, or you will step back into safety.

— Abraham Maslow (via nathanielstuart)


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You are immortal; you’ve existed for billions of years in different manifestations, because you are Life, and Life cannot die. You are in the trees, the butterflies, the fish, the air, the moon, the sun. Wherever you go, you are there, waiting for yourself.

— Don Miguel Ruiz (via sapta-loka)


quince blossom